Dakota Fanning Stunned Her Parents By Buying $2.3M Mansion for Them after They Tried Forcing Her into Tennis

Dakota Fanning Stunned Her Parents By Buying $2.3M Mansion for Them after They Tried Forcing Her into Tennis

You have seen her in The Twilight Saga and Leonardo DiCaprio’s Once Upon a Time in Hollywood; yes guess it right, it’s Dakota Fanning. The gorgeous 29-year-old has been facing the camera since a very small age. The actress came to the limelight with I Am Sam when she was only 7 and received a Screen Actors Guild Award nomination. Over the years, she has appeared in several movies like Uptown Girls, War of the Worlds, and Man on Fire, among others.

Dakota Fanning

Being a child actress, she started earning good money from a very young age. Owing to her financial success, she was able to make her parents’ lives lavish.

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Dakota Fanning’s parents wanted her to become a tennis player

I Am Sam star Fanning started her acting career when she was just five years old and landed her first prominent role in the NBC series ER. From there, she has climbed the ladder of success in her acting career.

However, there was a time when Fanning’s parents wanted her to become an athlete like her mother. The actress comes from a family with strong athletic backgrounds, so her parents wanted her to continue the legacy.

Dakota Fanning
Dakota Fanning

In an interview with The Scotsman, she revealed,

“I was being groomed to be a tennis player for sure, My grandparents and parents realized I had a natural athletic ability and if I was forced to do it, I could probably do well. But all I wanted was to play pretend.”

It was her strong determination and passion for acting that the family decided to let her choose her dreams. She played prominent roles in Effie Gray, Hounddog, Now Is Good, Sweet Home Alabama, and more. She played the role of Jane in Robert Pattinson‘s hit franchise The Twilight Saga.

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Dakota Fanning bought a $2.3 million house for her parents

Sweetness in the Belly star had started earning pockets full of money from her acting gigs at a very young age. She was earning $4 million per movie by the time she turned 12, and was also ranked 4th on the 2007 Top Earning Stars Aged Under 21 List.

Dakota Fanning and Elle Fanning
Dakota Fanning and Elle Fanning

When Fanning started getting consistent work, her family moved to Los Angeles for promoting the Fanning sisters’ careers. The actress assisted her parents in elevating their living situation with a French country-style home in Studio City, with an impressive 3,582 square feet area. The mansion was bought in 2003. In 2017 Fanning and her sister purchased a whopping $2.3 million worth of house in San Fernando Valley for the family.

Fanning also brought a personal house in the Toluca Lake area of L.A., which has an expansive area of 4,500 square feet. It is a family-size mansion with five bedrooms and widely-scaled public rooms with towering ceilings.

Actor Dakota Fanning will soon reunite with Hollywood star Denzel Washington for the third installment of The Equalizer franchise in 2023.

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